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Re: Is it true that left handed people are more creative&inteligent than right?

Date: Tue Feb 9 15:55:08 1999
Posted By: Paulette Caswell, Grad student Education, etc., AMICUS, Inc. Ed. Svcs.
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 917591360.Ns

Your question is interesting.  The brain of a human being is specialized for 
language in the left brain, unlike the lower animals.  Therefore, the left  
brain deals with logic, order, organization, and language.  The right brain  
deals with visual pictures, sounds that are not language sounds, and images.  

Your nervous system below the neck is reversed, so your left hand inputs to the 
right brain, and the right hand inputs to the left brain.  This is why many 
people think that "left handed people are more creative," because the left hand 
sends input to the right brain which is where the "creativity" area is.

However, you have a connector between the two hemispheres of the brain, called 
the "corpus callosum."  If the right brain gets an input of language or logic, 
it will send the information across the corpus callosum to the left brain for 
processing.  And, if a right-handed person draws a picture or does something 
creative, the information will go to the left brain first, but then it will go 
through the corpus callosum "connector" to the right brain.

So, no, left handed people are not necessarily any more creative than a right 
handed person.  The information from either hand will go to the proper 
processing center in the brain through the corpus callosum.  There are many 
creative right-handed people in this world, too.

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