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Subject: How does instant film work

Date: Sun Feb 21 11:06:07 1999
Posted by Ed Clow
Grade level: undergrad School: Universtiy of Illinois
City: Urbana State/Province: IL Country: 61801
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 919616767.Ch

I have a couple of questions about the chemicals inside instant 
film.  As I understand the principle, there are capsules of 
chemicals and when the picture comes through the rollers of the 
camera, the capsules break and developed the picture.  My 
question is as follows.  What chemicals are in the capules.  
Developer, stop bath and fixer?  Do the capsules have to break in 
a specific order.  If not, how does one prevent the stop bath 
from neutralizing the developer before the developer has finished 
Thank you for your time.

Re: How does instant film work

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