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Subject: Strange pinging sound coming from frozen lake

Date: Sat Jan 8 17:09:48 2000
Posted by Lloyd Andersen
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Area of science: Physics
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We recently were up in northern WI and experienced some strange sounds
on the frozen lake. At the time there was no snow cover on the lake,we
were hearing some strange sounds coming from the lake,and it wasn't the
buckling of the ice.  We were hearing a sound like a ping and it wasn't
allways the same pitch and they didn't come from the same spot on the
lake. I was wondering if it was the wind blowing over the ice and when
it would hit a bump in the ice the pitch would change? That night we had
a little snow and I went down to the lake the next morning. If you have
any ideas I would appreciate an answer, Thank you. Lloyd

Re: Strange pinging sound coming from frozen lake

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