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Re: What is the monetary value of the human body?

Date: Wed Jan 26 06:08:17 2000
Posted By: Eric Maass, MadSci Admin
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 945925110.Gb

In 1985, Arthur Porges science fiction story "1.98" was published in the "Best Fantasy Stories from Fantasy and Science Fiction 
Magazine" (edited by Edward L. Ferman, Octopus Books Limited); this book included a comment that the monetary value of the
human body was $1.98. If we allow for inflation, that would put  the current monetary value at about $4.00

However, the value of minerals and other chemicals does not necessarily increase, and not necessarily at the rate of inflation.

This science website claims that the current monetary value of the human body is less than $1.00.  It also tells some 
other less pleasant ways of valuing the human 

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