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Re: what is the strongest bone in the human body?(without muscles to add power)

Date: Mon Jan 15 14:02:10 2001
Posted By: Paul Odgren, Instructor, Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Dept. of Cell Biology)
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 979160218.An

Interesting question, David. After confirming my first choice with some experts in skeletal anatomy, the title "strongest" bone in the body goes to one of the bones that make up your skull, called the temporal bone. It's the very dense, hard bone on the side of your head that surrounds the inner part of your ear. If you want to see pictures, you can visit a website I found that has the famous, classic anatomy text, Gray's Analtomy available online:

Enter "temporal bone" in the search box, and have a look. Thanks for your question, and keep wondering. Paul Odgren, Ph.D. Cell Biology Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester

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