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Subject: effect of cold on incandescnet light bulbs

Date: Wed Dec 23 18:54:45 1998
Posted by Jonathan van der Does
Grade level: 7-9
School: St. Thomas More Cathedral School
City: Arlington State/Province: Virginia
Country: U.S.A
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 914460885.Eg

Dear Sir:

        I need information on my 7th grade science project. 
        How can I measure the resistance of a light bulb? 

        I have read,"Electrical Conductivity/ Resistance and 
Temperature," at this site but, it does not mention if a photo 
cell will record a difference in light from an incandescent light 
bulb at different temperatures.

        The following are questions about this project:        

        My science fair project is about the effect of cold 
temperatures on incandescent light bulbs. At the moment I 
understand that as the temperature gets hotter the resistance 
gets greater. In fact, in the book, BASIC ELECTRICITY, the 
temperature coefficient of electricity is described. But, how 
would we measure this resistance in a light bulb.I guess 
measuring the wires into the bulb is a way?

      What suggestions do you have
      Thank you very much for your interest in this problem.

                     Jonathan van der Does

Re: effect of cold on incandescnet light bulbs

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