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Subject: Why is there no category in your list of subjects labelled, 'Creation'?

Date: Wed Jul 12 22:30:52 2000
Posted by Rodney Halley
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Baker, State/Province: La. Country: USA
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 963455452.Ev

Was zipping down your list of categories to find some subject of interest 
when I noticed that there is nothing relating to interest. I always 
thought that true science is used to prove or disprove a theory. Evolution 
is certainly only a theory as to date there is no proof that we evolved 
out of nothing or a monkey or what have ya. But if one is indeed a 
scientist then he is not afraid to be confronted with the truth, even if 
it disputes what he has spent years learning. Truth can stand on its on 
without having to be propped up. No matter what you may believe 
personally, why not give both sides and let those who inquire, decide for 
themselves. Rodney Halley

Re: Why is there no category in your list of subjects labelled, 'Creation'?

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