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Re: combustion temperature of paper

Date: Tue Jul 18 22:39:12 2000
Posted By: Gregory Fike, Grad student, Paper Science, Institute of Paper Science & Technology
Area of science: Physics
ID: 963635509.Ph

Thanks for the question Dallas. Just to be clear, I will define ignition temperature and flash point; both of these may be considered “combustion temperature.” I would lean toward ignition temperature.

Ignition temperature (also autoignition temperature) – The lowest temperature at which a material, when heated in air, will spontaneously ignite from the heat of oxidation in the absence of any other source of ignition energy.

Flash point – The lowest temperature at which flammable gas given off from a material heated in air is ignited with external ignition energy when the density of the evolved flammable gas has reached the combustion limit.

The ignition temperature for paper is reported to be 450 oC (842 oF), and the flash point of paper is estimated to be 350 oC (662 oF). The reference for all of this information is the Handbook of Physical and Mechanical Testing of Paper and Paperboard Volume 2; Edited by Richard Mark.

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