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Subject: How can methanol production be increased in a low cost way?

Date: Fri Jun 2 05:52:56 2000
Posted by Edward Leedskalnin
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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I am interested in methanol production using biological wastes, IE saw 
dust, lawn clippings etc for use in internal combustion engines.   
Destructive distilation of wood products does create methanol but is there 
any way to increase the yields?  Fermentation with specific yeasts etc?  
Some methanol is produced in the fermention of sugars, is this methanol 
produced by the conversion of ethanol? Is it possible to allow fermentation 
of starches/sugars to continue into total conversion into methanol?  I know 
these bio wastes could be used to generate methane gas but I'm really 
looking for a liquid form as it would be much easier to handle and store.  
Thank you.

Re: How can methanol production be increased in a low cost way?

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