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Subject: Bernoulli questions

Date: Sat Jun 30 10:10:47 2001
Posted by Ravi Kumar
Grade level: 10-12 School: St.Michael's Institution
City: Ipoh State/Province: Perak Country: Malaysia
Area of science: Physics
ID: 993910247.Ph

1) In the Bernoulli effect, water travels at a slower rate in a large area 
to a small area. However, in an open area, water travels at a slower rate in a 
shallow area compared to a deep area. Why these opposites?

2) Relating to Bernoulli's effect, water travels faster at the end of a tube 
compared to the beginning, the tube being a closed cylinder of same size from 
one end to the other. Why is it not the other way round? The speed of the water 
should instead decrease towards the end due to resistance of the tube.

Re: Bernoulli questions

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