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Subject: What do bacteria do to make milk thick?

Date: Mon Feb 28 10:14:15 2000
Posted by Elena Tazetdinova
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Area of science: Microbiology
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Dear, Mad Scientist,
I have visited Your site and i think it's great.  I
got lots of info from it.  I still have a question to
You about making yogurt though, and if it's not too
much trouble, would You please answer it.
The question is:
I have a science fair due on Friday March 3 and i
still can't find the answer to this question(s):
What do bacteria do to make milk thick?  I mean do
they expand when they have been exposed to certain
temperatures or do they compress?  What Vitamins do
bacteria have that are useful to make yogurt from
Would You please, please, please answer the followed
question(s) before March 3.

Re: What do bacteria do to make milk thick?

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