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Re: What is the basic difference between a Motor and an Engine? Can I build one

Date: Tue Mar 23 15:37:09 1999
Posted By: Frederick Carranti, Staff, Mechanical, Aerospace, & Manufacturing Engineering, Syracuse University
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 920936769.Eg

The basic difference is this:
A motor (or, more formally, an electric motor) is a device which converts
electrical energy into mechanical energy. They come in all variety of size
and type. It is rather easy to build a simple one, and I am sure that any
good science store would have kits to do that, or books to guide you
through a home project.
An engine (or, more formally, a heat engine) is a device that converts
chemical energy or heat energy into mechanical energy. The three main
types are the internal combustion piston engine (like the engine in your
automobile, gas turbine engines (like the powerplants used in jet
aircraft), and steam engines. There are kits available for steam engines
(check out Edmund Scientific), and there are plastic models to display the
components of automotive engines. again found in most good science
Hope this helps.

Frederick J. Carranti, P.E.

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