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Subject: Static Electricity and why does it have to be me?

Date: Mon Mar 8 12:23:59 1999
Posted by Brett
Grade level: undergrad School: ODOT
City: Oklahoma City State/Province: OK Country: USA
Area of science: Biophysics
ID: 920917439.Bp

When I was young I would magnetize wind up watches.  I actually 
stop wearing watches.  Now with quartz watches I don't have that 
problem.  But now my car is shocking the crap out of me.  And if 
I touch the glass to shut the door... I get to look forward to 
touching the first door.  Zapp!  I've ordered a device to measure 
the amount of electricity that is really zapping me from the car.   
My wife doesn't have the same problem.  And now,  Ive noticed 
that additional things are shocking me.  This is getting out of 

Ive tried changing shoes, grounding the car with a chain.

Is there a web page or group that people can share this 
disturbing problem?   Can I get paid for being over charged?  

My wife has started calling me, "Sparky"

Re: Static Electricity and why does it have to be me?

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