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Subject: How can you demonstrate a homemade lightbulb? See comments...

Date: Wed Feb 3 11:41:51 1999
Posted by Lloyd Simmons
Grade level: 4-6
School: Science Safari Educational
City: Seminole State/Province: Florida
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 918063711.Ph

I had a question about homemade lightbulbs.  Years ago I worked 
in a museum and for a demonstration I put together a basic 
lightbulb for a groups of students from an activity sheet I 
found in some dusty files.  Since leaving the museum I am again 
interested in recreating the demonstration but do not remember 
the filament I used or the power source, although I believe it 
was a 6-volt battery.  

The demonstration was not that fancy.  Basically I used it to 
illustrate the components.  No vacuum was created, etc.  Please 
ler me know if you have a similar activity in your collection.

Thank you,
Lloyd Simmons

Re: How can you demonstrate a homemade lightbulb? See comments...

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