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Subject: Careers in NASA operations

Posted by Mrs. Stewart's Class
Grade level: 4-6
School: Mars Estates Elementary Baltimore County PS
City: Baltimore State/Province: MD
Country: US
Area of science: Astronomy
We are studying careers of those in background fields of space exploration such 

as engineers, mechanical technicians, doctors, meteorologists, flight trainers, 

scientists, nutrionists and communications in mission control.  We need information

 on education and training required, special clothing and equipment and responsibilities

 of each job.  What would the job entail and what might be some employment 

opportunities?  We realize this is rather broad but have not been very successful

 in locating some of this information.  We located some through NASA Spacelink.
  If you have any suggestions for sites from which we might gather more info,
 we would appreciate it.  Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Stewart's Class

Re: Careers in NASA operations

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