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Subject: Von Willebrandt Disease

Date: Thu Apr 11 12:43:31 1996
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Von Willebrandt Disease is a bleeding disorder that occurs in humans 

and in dogs. I know that there is more than one form of it, one of 

which is caused by a missense mutation in the replication of the vW 

factor genes. Could it have been by "chance" then that the first case of

vWD occurred? 

     I have a Doberman Pinscher who tests + for vWD. I have been told

that vWD is a result of inbreeding, as in the case of hemophilia 

occuring in families where inbreeding takes place. Is this true? Could

the origins of vWD have sprung from inbreeding? If so, how?


Re: Von Willebrandt Disease

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