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Subject: What is a scientist?

Date: Tue Apr 16 21:01:41 1996
Posted by: Walter Glogowski
Grade level: 10-12
School/Organization: Ridgewood High School
City: Norridge State/Province: IL
Country: No country given.
Area of science: Environment/Ecology

I was talking to my students today and they have the impression that 
scientist are mostly -- white, male and boring.  They would like to hear 
from a scientist and ask a few questions.

1.	Do you  like being a scientist?  If you had it over to do again 
would you still be a scientist?
2.	Have you ever discovered something new?
3.	How long did you go to school to become a scientist?
4.	What type of research do you do?
5.	Were you the smartest student in your school
6.	Are you white?
7.	What type of music do you like?
8.	Do you have fun -- or do you work all the time?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  I think that it will help my students alot!

Walter Glogowski.

Re: What is a scientist?

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