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Subject: Genetic 'Experiments' for 2nd grade students

Date: Mon Apr 21 16:30:01 1997
Posted by Traci Ferrante
Grade level: other
School: No school entered.
City: No city entered. State/Province: NV
Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 861658201.Ge
I am a volunteer in my son's elementary school (1st andamp; 2nd grade combined). 
They are studying life sciences in a very basic structure; mostly
concentrating on andquot;changeandquot; (egg to chick; tadpole to frog). The student 
ability level is extreme: they have students just learning 4 andamp; 5 letter 
words and very rudimentary addition and some students with 5th-6th reading 
levels and strong multiplication skills. Unfortunately the school system
does not advocate science being taught as a separate subject at this level.
The teacher has requested putting together a module on basic genetics 
(hair color, handedness, eye color etc.) It does not have to be this but it needs 
to be fun and interesting. Is there a list of visually discernable or easily 
tested dominant/rescessive traits?
I am trying to find some info and experiments for these kids that will
be fun to produce and yet will appeal to such a broad learning spectram.
I have checked many many sites but most of what I am finding is for much 
older kids. 
I appreciate any help - I know that if we can get kids thinking on their
own for solutions then all may not be lost for science education in
this country.

Re: Genetic 'Experiments' for 2nd grade students

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