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Posted By: Steve Merideth, Secondary School Teacher Math/Physical Sciences, Russellville Middle School
Date: Tue Apr 22 08:54:25 1997
Area of science: Physics
ID: 861305766.Ph
Frictional force is a function of the applied force moving the object and 
the coefficient of friction.  Coefficient of friction is a function of surfaces
in contact and the area of that contact.  A greater area of contact gives a greater
coefficient of friction.  Another factor affecting the amount of friction is 
impulse. A great force applied in a short amount of time can facillitate a 
large frictional force while a small force would not generate as much 
kinetic friction.

Also, consider that those tires get pretty hot during a race.  If the tires are larger then
the heat can be absorbed in greater amount without overheat the tire. Friction is also a function
of temperature for some materials like rubber.  Hot tires will begin to melt and the coefficient of
friction will drop producing a skid or worse.

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