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Subject: Why does the scotch tape glows in the dark when we take a piece of it?

Date: Wed Apr 28 08:12:06 1999
Posted by Humberto
Grade level: undergrad School: ITESM Campus León
City: León State/Province: Guanajuato Country: México
Area of science: Physics
ID: 925305126.Ph

Hello, friends from Mad Scientist!

I'm bothering you once again with this question. I received your answer. No, I'm not so bad in english, but I have a couple of problems with this terms (physics). Anyway, the reason for which I'm writing again is because maybe you didn't understand my question. Yes, maybe the glowing of the tape is due to the static electricity, but, is there another reason? That was all the information I was given, so I guess it should be easy to know. There's not much light when you take a piece of it, it's just a thin line of light that doesn't stand on the tape for longer. It appears just in the moment you take the piece. I hope this helps. See ya.

Re: Why does the scotch tape glows in the dark when we take a piece of it?

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