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Subject: Einstein's Theory of Invisibilty/Philadelphia Experiment

Date: Wed May 12 01:11:27 1999
Posted by darik weylon
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Columbia University
City: Erlanger State/Province: KY Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 926489487.Ph

In 1943, the USS Eldridge allegedly underwent the Philadelphia 
Experiment, rendering the ship invisible. The intense magnetic 
force at work created an anomaly that teleported the ship 
a "rift" in space-time. The ship unexpectedly appeared in 
location for a brief time, then re-appeared in its place from 
which it vanished. Please define the anomaly, not the force(s) 
of bending light, that carried out this phenonoma. How, if 
applicable, does it correlate with Star Trek's "cloaking 
technology?" Could such technology actually cause a ship, or 
other physical object(s), vanish from sight and teleport 
elsewhere? A quantum leap through a wormhole? There was 
supposedly a strange green fog in place of the Eldridge during 
disappearance. Might this fog compose residual particles from 
the "rift," or result of some chemical/physical change of 

Re: Einstein's Theory of Invisibilty/Philadelphia Experiment

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