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Subject: What is the pressure of water at 'x' depth?

Date: Mon Nov 16 13:20:20 1998
Posted by Sean Reid
Grade level: 10-12
School: Leysin American School in Switzerland
City: Leysin State/Province: Vaud
Country: Switzerland
Area of science: Physics
ID: 911244020.Ph

I have asked many of my teachers gone through many books,and have emailed some professors at some of the top universities and either they didn't know the answer or they thought I was out of my mind and that I watched too much T.V. So, you are my last hope!

What I need to find out is a formula(s). Let's say I were in a large "box" with a hole of five square meters in the bottom, and I submerged the box (with me in it) to a certain depth. What I need is, is a formula that would tell me what the air pressure needs to be inside the "box" to keep the water from coming through the hole. I need to know this at different depths and with different size holes. I could really use any information that you could give me on this matter and if there is anything you need clarification on just let me know and I'll try to do my best! I just find it a bit hard to try and explain my idea! Thank you! Sean

Re: What is the pressure of water at 'x' depth?

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