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Subject: Down bellow!

Date: Wed Nov 11 10:49:32 1998
Posted by Javier Cano
Grade level: grad (science)
School: ITESM
City: Monterrey State/Province: N.L.
Country: Mex
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 910802972.Es

I think most -although not all- of the rivers on earth tend to go 
towards the ecuador, either on the southern or northern hemispheres. 
Is it posible that, if this this being true, that this happens because 
of the spinning of earth around itīs own axis (north-south), and this 
makes the waters on earth tend to towards the ecuador????  

 Also earth is not round. Itīs a little flatter on the poles. Is this 
because of the efect of this spinning?? (asumming that earth was less 
hard at one time).

   (think of a spinning wet basketball, and how water would move 
towards the "center of the spinning axis")

Re: Down bellow!

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