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Re: Does a caduceus coil generate peculiar 'scalar waves?'

Date: Thu Oct 19 22:04:57 2000
Posted By: William Beaty, Electrical Engineer / Physics explainer / K-6 science textbook content provider
Area of science: Physics
ID: 970403915.Ph

Hi Peter!
There are several problems with "scalar waves." First, they aren't part of any theory recognized by contemporary scientists, and so scientists dismiss the claims as crackpotism. Only hobbyists and "fringies" dare perform "scalar" experiments, or dare to tell anyone about them.

Second, the people writing the articles aren't scientists, and they have not developed the habit of full, detailed reporting. In fact the authors are somewhat secretive. If somebody tries to follow the articles and build a device, and if it doesn't work, it could be because they did something slightly wrong without knowing it. The articles might not give enough info. A detailed scientific report doesn't just give a schematic, it also gives detailed photos, tells EXACTLY what the experimenter did moment by moment, gives the makes and models of all test equipment used, voltages of all power supplies, room temperature and humidity, phone numbers and email addresses of everyone involved, and anything else which could possibly help others to reproduce the experiment.

Third, nobody is excitedly reporting success. This could mean that nobody is attempting to build the devices, and the plans are languishing on the internet unused. But it could also mean that many hobbyists do try duplicating the devices, and when they don't work, they never tell anyone. But being a scientist means reporting failures!

I've not tried building these devices myself. If you want to mess with them, please do. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you perform any experiments, tell other hobbyists about them even if you are unsuccessful. Do the opposite of the authors of those articles: give lots of detail, don't be a bit secretive, and supply your contact info so others can call up and discuss your efforts.



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