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Subject: How a deaf-born person interpret written language?

Date: Fri Sep 29 16:56:20 2000
Posted by Gaby Mazzawi
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Tel-Aviv State/Province: No state entered. Country: Israel
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 970260980.Ns

To further clarify my question, I would like to tell something I have 
noticed: Even a visual action as reading, involves first of all recalling 
the sound of the words we read, and it's not as recognizing a visual 
symbol for a word. So, we might ask how a deaf person can learn to read, 
because it involves thinking about the sound of the spoken word. That's 
where I want to suggest an experiment you might find very tantalizing: If 
a deaf-born person who can read two or more languages, is given a text in 
one language that is written with the alphabet of the other, will he still 
be able to understand it?

Re: How a deaf-born person interpret written language?

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