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Subject: What is a good plant to test the effects of sugar or sweetener?

Date: Wed Sep 26 20:03:33 2001
Posted by sylvia
Grade level: 7-9 School: northside hs
City: chicago State/Province: il Country: us
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1001549013.Bt

im thinking of doing a science project testing if plants grow better in sugar 
water or water with sweetener in it. But i have no idea what plant to 
experiment this on. i was thinking of grass but is there n e other plant that 
is hardy and can give me good results? or does it matter which plant i pick? 
what are the most common plants used in projects?

and is it better to grow these plants in a plastic zip-lock bag with a towel 
soaked in water or in the normal way in soil? but i was thinking of using the 
zip-lock bag because it will be easier to measure growth and there can be 
things in the soil that can affect the plant growth. 

your advice would be immensly helfpful. thank you.

-sylvia lee

Re: What is a good plant to test the effects of sugar or sweetener?

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