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Subject: The HAARP Project

Date: Sun Sep 13 18:07:23 1998
Posted by Lon Marshalk
Grade level: 10-12
School: No school entered.
City: San Fernando Valley State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 905728043.Es

I noticed no comments from any scientists on the current Haarp project going on 
in Alaska. Dr. Nick Begich the author of "Angeles Don't Play This HAARP" says 
the project (at full capasity) possibly could harm the earth's ionosphere, 
dissrupt human mental process,and could change and alter weather patterns on the 
planet. I have also noticd although the project is currently being conduvted 
that the media isn't saying much about it or the environmental concerns FEW 
scientists have mention in relation to HAARP. It is a known fact that megawatts 
of power and certain radio-electronic frequencies can do harm to the human brain 
as certain frequencies can enter the human brain. In the wrong hands Haarp could 
be used somewhat of a mind controling devise if you look at it this way wouldn't 
you think? The US Navy who runs the HAARP project in conjunction with the 
University Of Alaska says Haarp will be used for communication with submerged 
submarines and underground maping. No matter what this Haarp project is meant to 
do or become, it is still a device that penatrates the earth's ionosphere with 
megawatts of energy. This has to raise alot of concerns. The reason I think it 
isn't is because it is not known about by the public or vast scientists. I'm not 
saying it is a bad thing, I'm just curious to hear scientists thoughts on this 
project. I have heard that HAARP is a 'Ground Based Star Wars' system in 
development that will be able to jam communications anywhere in the world they 
point it at. I'm am at belief that if scientists know for a fact what this 
ammount of enegry can do then it just prpbably won't be used for ungergroung 
mapping and communication with subs. The HAARP Project is a real thing in 
operation today in Gakona Alaska, not some UFO-time travel bull story which is 
where this project seems to be placed in catagory of media relations. Just would 
like to hear some scientist thoughts on this. If it's not discussed on your 'Mad 
Scientist' web site then why would that be? Shouldn't an environmental concern 
such as a REAL project as Haarp be placed on your web site under 'earth 
scineces' or 'environmental sciences' at least? I am very curious as to why I 
haven't seen it on your web site and would like some comments. Thank You!

Re: The HAARP Project

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