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Re: How can I find out about Science Careers?

Date: Thu Oct 14 13:21:35 1999
Posted By: Ruth Allard, Conservation Biologist, American Zoo and Aquarium Association
Area of science: Other
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Dear Mike,

Your project sounds like a lot of fun.  I've always been fascinated by 
careers, since I never could narrow down what I wanted to be when I grew 
up.  Instead, I had about a hundred things I thought sounded neat, but 
couldn't imagine how to go about becoming any of the things I wanted to be.
Fortunately, I now have a job that lets me do lots of different things 
every day, so I haven't had to let go of too many of my interests.

I've put together a list of career sites which provide information on what 
it's like to be a this or that, important things to consider if you want to 
be a certain type of scientist, and so on.  My background is in life 
sciences, so my bias is very clear here.  If you're interested in physical 
sciences, engineering, etc., do a web search on 'careers in physics' and so 
forth to see what comes up.  

The first in this list is a resource I helped develop when I worked at the 
Ecological Society of America.  I'm very proud of it, as I think it would 
have helped me a lot when I was going through school and wondering how 
people get to be field biologists or science journalists and so forth.  The 
rest are other references which should get you off to a good start.

Good luck, and have fun with this.  Who knows what dream jobs you might 


Ruth Allard, Conservation Biologist


Careers and Jobs in Marine Biology and Oceanography

Careers in Ecology

Careers in Primatology

Zoo Careers (lots more than zookeeping-- many links within this one.  You 
might be surprised how many different branches of life sciences are 
involved in zoo and aquarium work.) http://members.tripod.

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