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Re: What are the jobs for people with PhD in Computer Science/Engineering?

Date: Tue Oct 19 08:20:58 1999
Posted By: Peter Drake, Grad student, Computer Science & Cognitive Science, Indiana University
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 940290063.Cs

First, a more general point:  you will probably change subjects between now
and the time you get a PhD.  My undergraduate major was in English, my MS
was in computer science, and now I'm working on a PhD in computer science
and cognitive science.  This is a good thing;  being able to draw on
lessons from several different disciplines gives you a different point of
view from your colleagues.

Now, computer science jobs.  With a PhD, you're probably destined to do
research, teach, or both.  This would most likely involve a position at a
university, but there are also private, corporate research facilities.

Programmers and software engineers tend to stop at the Master's level. 
It's hard to predict how the market will be ten years from now, but right
now industry can't seem to find enough programmers.  Web companies, small
businesses, very large businesses like Microsoft, computer game companies
... unless things change drastically, you should have no trouble finding a
well-paying job in an area that interests you.

Good luck!

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