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Subject: What topics/labs would you include if limited to 5 or 10 days?

Date: Mon Oct 18 10:05:40 1999
Posted by nate manning
Grade level: teacher/prof School: No school entered.
City: jacksonville State/Province: al Country: usa
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 940255540.Mi

If you were designing a microbiology unit (specifically bacteria) for a 
high school class-what would you BE SURE to include? I would have access 
to bunsen burners, TSA Plates(petri), gram stain, microscopes, and 
students would already understand sterile technique. I will not have 
access to an incubator. So, what would you MAKE SURE to cover? what would 
need to be covered so they would be ready for a college micro or beginning 
bio class? I have a few ideas myself-such as the "ubiquity of 
microorganisms" where students swab several areas around the lab and then 
swab that onto a TSA plate and let sit overnite, so they can get an 
accurate picture of how bacteria are really everywhere. Hope this is 
enough info and i really appreciate your help, thanks-nate.

Re: What topics/labs would you include if limited to 5 or 10 days?

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