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Subject: how will neon react to a low powered laser in a vacume tube

Date: Wed Aug 11 21:05:21 1999
Posted by Sean Conley
Grade level: undergrad School: Camden County College
City: Blackwood State/Province: NJ Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 934419921.Eg

My theory is the neon will be excited by the laser and light up like a very 
high powered light bulb. I also think if too much neon is used or too high 
powered of a laser it will cause an explosion. Is there formulas I can use 
to find the propper amounts of both. I am looking to create 100 times the 
normal sunlight. what difference would it make if the iside of the tube was 
 a mirrored surface with only one black spot in wich the laser would  be 
directed at. 

Re: how will neon react to a low powered laser in a vacume tube

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