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Subject: Should a person on a really hot day drink hot water or cold water?

Date: Mon Aug 9 18:07:25 1999
Posted by Bill B. Johnson
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Cal Poly State Univ
City: San Luis Obispo State/Province: CA Country: USa
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 934236445.Me

I once had a friend that was an Indian Medicine Man. On a really hot day, I 
saw him drinking hot water. Everyone else, including myself, was drinking 
cold beverages. I asked the Indian why he was drinking hot water on a 
really hot day. He said that when someone drinks a hot beverage, the body 
temperature goes lower to handle the hot beverage. The end result is that 
your body feels cooler on a hot day. He said that when a person drinks a 
cold beverage, that the body temperature goes higher to handle the cold 
beverage which makes the person feel hotter on a hot day. Was the Indian 
right? On a really hot day, should a person drink a hot beverage or cold 
beverage to feel cooler? Please keep my name and email address a secret--
don't post it in your web site. I hate spam.

Re: Should a person on a really hot day drink hot water or cold water?

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