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Subject: Age/magnetism of ridges at Mid Atlantc ridge

Date: Tue Aug 24 23:24:24 1999
Posted by Fred Buike
Grade level: nonaligned School: Hard knocks
City: Shelby twp. State/Province: Michigan Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 935551464.Es

At the mid Atlantic crack, equidistant ridges are on both sides. The 
dating of the ridges is 5k yrs. Each one shows a reversal of the Earth's 
magnetic poles. The ridges are spaced at 5k yrs., the youngest is 5k yrs.
Has any serious investigation been done as to which calamities caused thes
crack to open and surge out a ridge, and are we due for another calamity 

Re: Age/magnetism of ridges at Mid Atlantc ridge

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