The Visible Human, A Guided Tour:
  • See the bottom of the main page for acknowledgements concerening the images.
  • Ranjit Bhatnagar for advice concerning the JPEG utilities, and perl plug-ins for the ImageMagik libraries.
  • The Annotation 1.0 script uses to process URL-encoded information, and to manipulate GIF files. I wrote both this interface and the CGI-based search engine ("find your favorite body part..).
  • The NetPBM and cjpeg/djpeg utilities provide the framework for working with JPEG files.

    CP Flow Archive:

  • Thanks to my fellow CP residents for help with developing the interface: Phil Chen, MD/PhD, Ewa Sicinska, MD, Julie Gulizia, MD/PhD, and Anjen Chenn, MD/PhD (4Ns..).
  • David Dorfman, MD/PhD, Medical Director of Lab Hematology at BWH for help with the flow project.
  • Ranjit for tips on debugging the javascripts.