. . I have the listing of avaiable jobs, ones that I think the grad office won't discover. I don't want to get in trouble with the NIH for having a second job .. I see a position for an 'ivy maintainer' at $50 an hour .. a library job on the main campus for $57/ hour . . but i might get caught at that one . .
    My!!, wages have gone up since i've been back!!

    Then I come across one that pays $53.50 per head to fix busts destroyed in the chainsaw art class. I like the sound of that one . .

    As I read the description I visualise the video short of the class shown to prospective students. The professor appears to be a young guy wearing jeans, goggles and heavy gloves. He talks over his shoulder to the students, 8 or so stocky guys dressed similarly and one old man in his 60s wearing torn overalls and a red bandana around his wiry hair.

    The prof starts his chainsaw . . buzz buzzz buzzzzzzzz rrrrrrrrrr. He aims the saw at a moderately sized plaster bust of a woman with a plaster baguette on her head . . just like the one I saw in the Dali museum . . . that must have cost a lot just to trash it with a chainsaw . .

    He cuts the bust in half though it falls into more pieces on hitting the ground. . I think that if the repairs only involve gluing the pieces back together I could easily do it . . and for $53.50 a head, sure, it would be worth it, . . . but then I suspect they want the cracks removed and everything assembled to near perfection . . which I don't think I could do unless it was acrylic . . .

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