Le Magnétisme du Lait


  • Le Groupe de Paris du Mouvement Surréaliste.
  • Sotckholm Surrealist Group
  • .
  • Dada and Surrealism, an on-line reference compiled by Julie Cencebaugh and Carl Merchant.
  • The Surrealism Pages of Le WebMuseum
  • A brief page concerning Czech Surrealism, part of the Czech Open Information Porject
  • The Little Surrealist Dictionary at NoMoreWords within the pages of The Flightless Hummingbird
  • The Universe at Kicking Giants.
  • USENET: For those willing to brave the endless morass of asses, alt.surrealism. Also alt.postmodern, and some of the arts-related groups ( alt.artcom, rec.arts.fine) occasionally pursue surrealist topics.
  • DADA
  • DADA Archive at the University of Iowa.
  • DADA Productions. hyperactive intermedia con carne.
  • DADA Musee (Français, où English). Sound|Art|Lies|Rash it will tell you for guillermo.
  • The DADA Manifesto
  • The Play-A-Day Center. We are very glad to have discovered their prescience.
  • DADANet. DADA Web City (Italiano, parts also in English). A collective of artists, imagery and word disorder.
  • Generally Related Sites
  • Panic Encyclopedia, and Postmodern Culture.
  • Sigmund Freud on the Internet.
  • The Lucidity Institute.. in the relm of lucid dreaming..
  • Gallerie Deluxxe: Fluxus y Futurism pages
  • Situationist International.
  • Futurism -- Manifestoes and Other Resources
  • André Breton
  • What Is Surrealism? (English text)
  • Leonora Carrington
  • Leonora Carrington: Una Retrospectiva (Español).
  • Salvador Dalí
  • A Docent's Tour of Salvador Dali Resources on the Internet, put together by Carl Merchant ( carl@mercon.com), a docent at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersberg, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Biographical information and various works at Le WebMuseum
  • Salvador Dalí's Home Page.. and you thought he was dead.. Lots of pictures of the artist with various members of Le Groupe Surréaliste.
  • Dalí on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Isidore Ducasse (Compte de Lautreamont)
  • Works by Isidore Ducasse in French and English.
  • Marcel DuChamp
  • Duchamp Pages at Fresh Window 3000.
  • Marcel DuChamp at Art(^n).
  • Notes on the Large Glass, at Tony Smith's Home Page.
  • Alfred Jarry
  • A new site concerning the 'pre-surrealist' Alfred Jarry at U. Kansas' Spencer Museum of Art, includes printed works from Ubu Roi and other texts.
  • Alfred Jarry: biographical information, and selected works.
  • Alfred Jarry, within the pages of 'Lee Harvey's World of Radio'.
  • René Magritte
  • The Magritte Home Page
  • Exhibition of René Magritte at HeiWWW (français).
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  • Magritte Images at SUNET
  • Man Ray
  • Man Ray at LeWeb Museum.
  • Man Ray at the (Art)^n Laboratory.
  • A Look Back at Man Ray and the Surrealists, in the March Editorial of The Muse.
  • The brothers Svankmejer
    Animations by the brothers Svankmejer.

    Engine Objects
    (Around)Divine JuJu Engines(About)
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