Visible Human Transverse Section Through the Head

This transverse section cuts through the head at the level of the eye. The lenses of the eye can be seen at the top, just above the bluish vitreous humor of the eyeball. The lateral and medial rectus muscle lie on either side of the eye. The ethmoid air sinuses within the nose, as well as the sphenoid air sinuses, and the nasal septum lie between the orbits.

At this level the temporal and occipital lobes of the cerebrum can be clearly seen. A small region of the cerebellum lies in the middle of the space occupied by the cerebrum.

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eye | lens | medial rectus | lateral rectus | ethmoid sinus | sphenoid sinus | nasal septum | temporalis muscle | brain |
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Module Name: a_vm1110
Module Title: Visible Human Transverse Section Through the Head
Image Info: Gross specimen, transverse section
Created by: Lynn Bry
Last modified: Feb 4th, 1997

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