Why was this site created?

MadSci Network receives many questions about the Visible Human. When we refer people to the main hub at the National Library of Medicine, they frequently reply stating, "I found the images, but how do I learn about what they show?" The "tour" introduces planes of section and how to derive a 3D sense of structures from 2D sections, while learning anatomy. The annotated images take this concept a step further by providing a clickable interface to explore specific sections.

Images and software

Transverse sections were retrieved from the dataset for the Visible Man maintained at Washington University Medical School. Sagittal and Coronal sections were downloaded from the NPAC site using the Habanero interface. Michael Chang created these images for the NPAC Visible Human Viewer. Further graphical manipuations were done in Adobe Photoshop 3.0 for the macintosh. Animations were created in the GIFBuilder utility, or with QuickFLIX for the macintosh. Annotation 1.0, a CGI script I wrote, provides the interface for the annotated images.

Search Capabilities

The "Find Your Favorite Body Part" enigma engine is also a home-made device written in perl.

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