The following references assisted with the identifcation of anatomical structures in the annotated images.
  • Frank Netter, Atlas of Human Anatomy
    CIBA-GEIGY 1989. ISBN 0-914168-19-3

    The med student's Bible.

  • Harold Ellis, Bari Logan, Adrian Dixon, Human Cross-Sectional Anatomy
    Butterworth Heinemann, 1991. ISBN 0-7506-1241-X

    Has lots of supersize color plates.

  • Man-Chung Han, Chu-Wan Kim Sectional Human Anatomy
    © the authors, 1989. ISBN 0-89640-165-0

    Lots of color plates, though not as large as above text. Sections correlated with CT scans.
    Cadaveric sections injected with blue/red dye to indicate vessels which I find distracting.

  • Wynn Kapit, Lawrence Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book
    Canfield Press, 1977. ISBN 0-06-453914-8

    A great book for kids..
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