*Free-Art* For The Masses

Need a little sculpture in your life?
You've come to the right place.

    I accept contributions to this site. If you have a piece you'd like to make available to the WWW community, let me know!. Here's how to contribute.

    These objects are free for you to construct and distribute as long as each artist's name, title, and other information are included. Objects obtained from this page may not be sold nor used for profit. Alterations to any of the works must be approved by the individual artists.

    For purists who shiver at the cutting of paper, the Origami Diagrams has a diverse selection of folding instructions and designs.

    Downloading objects

  • Where possible I have an icon of the finished work. Either click on this icon or the highlighted text beside it to open a larger .jpg image of the design blueprint.
  • The file should appear as a separate window outside of mosaic (In JPEGView from a macintosh, JP220 or other viewers from a PC). For mac users you can go into 'save as' and save the file as PICT (or a few other options). PC users, you're somewhat on your own. Save it to a format that can be printed.
  • Open the file in one of a variety of text or graphics programs (PICT can be opened in MS Word, Canvas, Adobe Photoshop and Teachtext, to name a few).
  • Print the file.
  • Assemble and admire.

The Gallery of Designs.

    Unless specified, all designs printable on 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper.

  • The Jester(John Norris, SL4Y3@cc.usu.edu.. Picture shows a 6ft version.)
  • Package Bomb(-ajuju, lynn@pharmdec.wustl.edu)
  • The Flowerpot Back side of design, Front side of design, ( xerox to double-sided) *Print on Legal Sized Paper* (-ajuju, lynn@pharmdec.wustl.edu)
  • Kibo Kibo front, Kibo reverse side, with instructions. Xerox to double-sided copy. (morissa@autodesk.com (front), ranjit@gradient.cis.upenn.edu (back))
    Here's how to use your kibo.

    Note: Some of the .jpg files may lack crucial lines and elements when viewed on your screen. These generally appear when printed.

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