I'll grant.
I do not rant.

I, for one, am having a marvelous time.

Are you?

    The Web is a wonderful place. Yes, it is POP. It is Schlok. It is exceedingly useless and it is incredibly worthwhile, filled to the hilt with wonders sans pareil. Some people use it to make money. Some use it to spread their cause far and wide. We would find it exceedingly dull and uninteresting if it did not do all of these things, and more.

    The 'Mechanical Garden' is a little over a year old. Ranjit said to me one day, 'Dju want some space?', and I, 800 miles away, always ready for a confounding adventure said, 'Sure, but please.. tell me.. WHAT IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB?'

   I never expected... I Never Expected..

           12,000+ people a week find their way here,
            and sift willingly, repeatedly through these pages.

    In fact, I was asked by a local guru to give so called 'pointers' to 'constructing' 'web' 'pages'. I use 'quotes' 'everywhere', because the 'manner' in which he made his humble request made it sound like the 'construction' of 'web' 'pages' was a mysteriously esoteric art, requiring a lengthy apprenticeship and years of hard work combined with tireless devotion. I say nothing 'should' be further from the truth.

    I let my head inflate, then told him the truth. <Just Do It> Here's the essence of my thoughts.

    I marvel at the web because it is so accessible, because its means of procreative construction is really not that difficult.

ahhh.. the Argument over HTML...

    I describe HTML with three words, words that carry everything negative, and everything positive about HTML.

Glorified Word-Processing

    That's all it is. Really...
    A Word-Processed document with a few extra, little <doodad>DooDaDs< /doodad> here and there to say what goes where and how. I consider that quite amazing.. something so simple that any machine can run a program that will recognize it. How many MacPrograms do you have that will run on your neighbor's PC? How many MaPCrograms does your neighbor have that will run on your macintosh?

It is hateful it is primitive it is detestable it is great it is so simple it is it is what we use.

    Can you type?
    You can write HTML.
    That's all there is to it. Really...
    English is the (predominating) language on the Internet. Does everyone understand English? HTML is the language of the WWW, and everything understands it.

    I suspect HTML is disliked for its simplicity. I venture further to say that it does not leave any sense of hard-earned hacking upon the user, and so is looked upon with disdain by the very community that created it.

    I am not a hacker. I have no formal training in computer science, nor any sort of computer programming.

    However, we seem to fearfully admire things that are complex, even if their results are simple. There is a language far simpler than HTML. It is so simple, everything it makes is incredibly complex, down to the individual sub-routines, library calls and entered argument vectors. It is a language that has but four letters.



 And believe it or not, it is at least indirectly responsible for