Falling Staircase Postcards.

A few prescient moments of SYNERGY:PANIC by INX, 1993-1995.
    Sheril: You forgot to check your mail after the accident.
    There were a few things that arrived by post.
    I think you should deal with them immediately.
    The neighbors are starting to complain.

    Weenie sends an SOS for breakfast
    Winston came to breakfast.

    The face consumed of a thousand faces.
    Troeculanda called. She's going through another one of her phases.

    Replace the Mercury Switches with Glue!
    Jzots the electrician drank your BBQ sauce and left his spats
    upon your dresser. The furnace is no longer working.

    Subterranean Subwait
    The telegram arrived from Malmö. Aurelio says he has
    the answer, and I quote: 'I can only imagine that similar things
    would happen, as when one sings Le Marsellaise a bit too
    loudly in the men's urinals of the Cligancourt station of the
    Parisian underground.'

    Omaha7 is in the
    Someone is waiting for you in the basement.
    They are from a place I have never seen.
    I believe that place is called Omaha, and it
    is not on the Transcendental Coastline.

             I.N.X.J.U. & Banjo Ruthless Creations 1994, 1995.