Carl Milles Sculpture Garden
Stockholm, SWEDEN

Carl Milles väg 2
Phone: 731 50 60
Recorded Information: 765 05 53 (I don't know if it's in English).

    The park is on the island of Lidingö. Take the Tunel-bana (red line) to the Ropsten Station, then catch the tram over to Lindingö. The first stop takes you to the cliff below Millesgården.
    (7 kronor for students, 15 or so for everyone else..)

    I took these pictures during my last visit toStockholm (Nov. 1994). It was cold and wet, and few people were around.. perfect! for using the lips. Fie upon me that I left them at home! Nonetheless, the park is still a wonder to behold, imparting a certain dreamy air of tranquility as you walk along the gravel paths beside large bronze statues of gods from the sea, and fairies perched upon pedestals. Even more surreal is the view of the statues juxtaposed against the neo-industrial backdrop across the waterway..

    Click on the thumbnail images below to open the full-size versions.

    Views of the fairy terrace.

    At some point I may say *more* about Carl Milles. I will say that many of his statues bespeckle St. Louis, particularly the tremendous fountain outside of Union Station. St. Louis is also home to The Laumeier Sculpture Park which features a few of his bronze statues, and many many more delightful works by other artists.