The exquisite cadaver shall drink the new wine.

So named for the first sentence whimsically generated,
The exquisite cadaver shall drink the new wine.

    (Also a book by Wolf Mankowitz..)

To Exdaverate:

  • Gather a group of acquaintances, friendly or not.
  • Each person will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • Decide on a sentence structure (Article/Adjective/Noun/Verb/ Adjective/Noun to approximate the above example)
  • On the first round each person writes a word fitting the outlined sentence structure. (Of course for more DADA !Screw sentence structure)
  • Fold the paper over to conceal the written word and pass it to the next person.
  • The next person writes a word, conceals it, and passes the paper to the next person.
  • Etc. Etc. etc. etc. Got it?
  • When a round of sentences have been completed open the paper and observe.
  • Contemplate and realise what you have done..
  • Kiss the person next to you on the cheek, turn immediately to the other side.
  • Corpsicles *may* be edited as seen fit.

I also entreat you, make a *graphical* representation of what you have written.

If you need *help* try the Graphical Cadaveric Interface, generated from the SYNERGY:CORPSE project. All instructions supply.

For the graphically impaired, try CadadAveraTinG yourself. Sample the corpsic animatron at SITO.

Rigor Immortis!