Surrealist Literature

Surrealist Authors

WWW sites of interest..

  • Biographical information, and selected poetic works by Robert Desnos, the man who broiled Hugo Ball's lobster.. (off of kicking giants).
  • A veritable, virtual library of Surrealist authors, including Maurice Blanchot, Paul Eluard, and Paul Valery. Excerpted texts are in English and French.
  • Une collection formidable des poèmes (surréalistes et d'autrement), chez BOY Marie-Line. Vous devez lire Chanson DADA par Tristan Tzara...
  • Works by Isidore Ducasse, otherwise known as the Compte de Lautréamont, a writer preceding the advent of Surrealism. Texts are in English and French.
  • André Breton's What is Surrealism? , (in English) maintained at NuTeV.
  • NoMoreWords has a collection of prose, poetics and the perverse.
  • Works by Alfred Jarry in Nouri's Home Page
  • Also at the same site, pages on Ramon Gomez de la Serna (Apollinaire with a Spanish Veska).
  • William S. Burroughs, on-line text and links to other sites.
  • Dutch Franz Kafka Circle.