Novocaine Helps

Testimonials of the collective crania of !Ibn Cantamixnes! and -ajuju . . Reinstated with the demise of the t.berculosis wasteful archive. I forget what the context was, but it probably makes little difference.

"The highlights of a lens-lit career with a dotted repast and pointilistic future."


  • The Eyelash Scissors
  • RE: Picnic (the internal settings)
  • The Acquisition of Found Art
  • General Consciousness
  • The Myelination of Pipes
  • Hymn For The Dying
  • ArizirA
  • ridden-trot-bravo
  • Head Staves
  • Sent Surface to Surface
  • lust of mushrooms


  • Kudzu
  • Jellyball Runs


  • 1 minute, 45 seconds (Criminal Cuisine)

    Found Significances:

  • The Meaning of Accentuation

    Histoires Idiotiques Des Invertebres De Mer
    (Pour Les Enfants Plus De Trois Ans)

    Words cannot describe the sheer bliss I experience at prattling idiotically in a language I understand in the most tangential of means..
    Largely inspired by unsuspecting questions in tu.berculosis. Subtitles available in esperanto and nuevo-hapsburgian.

  • La Glicee de Mer (The Sea Squirt)
  • The Trilobyte
  • Comment L'Oursin A Recevu Ses Epines (How The Sea Urchin Got His Spines)

      All works (c) 1994, 1995 Banjo Ruthless Creations