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Subject: Help! Symbiotic Relationships and Decomposers

Date: Mon May 6 13:51:54 1996
Posted by: Sandy Opitz
Grade level: teacher/prof
School/Organization: Fredon Twp. Elem. Sch.
City: Newton State/Province: NJ
Country: USA
Area of science: Environment/Ecology
My daughter is doing a report on desert biomes.  We've found many

examples of producers and consumers, but we're having trouble

finding examples of decomposers.  She also has to discuss examples

of commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. I can find lots of

these for ocean and forest ecosystems, but none for deserts.

Please help with this information if you can!!  The report is

due next Monday, the 13th.  If you could E-mail me this week

some time, I'd greatly apprectiate it!

Thanks again,

Sandy Opitz   Email:

Re: Help! Symbiotic Relationships and Decomposers

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