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Re: Help! Symbiotic Relationships and Decomposers

Area: Environment/Ecology
Posted By: Tim Susman, Staff Zoology, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
Date: Mon May 6 16:02:23 1996

A good example of a decomposer in the desert would be a dung beetle.

Their relationship with other animals could be termed commensalism,

since animals probably aren't affected at all by what happens to 

their dung.  A mutualistic relationship in the desert is that between

the yucca moth and yucca plant: the yucca moth is the only moth that

pollinates the yucca plant, and the yucca plant is the only place a

yucca moth will lay eggs.  As for parasites, sand fleas are well-known

desert parasites on desert animals such as camels.  I hope this will

get you started!

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