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Re: Physics of Information

Area: Physics
Posted By: Georg Hager, Grad student Theorie III
Date: Tue Jul 2 02:54:33 1996

Dear Gregg!

This concept was entirely new to me as well, and the information I could get out of the Santa Fe Institute's pages wasn't too helpful either. I think what you refer to as ``The Physics of Information'' is what they call ``Computational Mechanics''. They are trying to refine the very useful but also rather crude concepts of statistical mechanics (especially entropy, which measures, roughly speaking, the degree of ``randomness'' in a system). Entropy is an extensive potential, i.e. it is some value that is valid for the whole system, regardless of its ``fine structure''. So if you want to get a refined picture of the information contained and processed in some system, you have to introduce new variables that describe the system in more detail.
A collection of recent papers on these topics can be found here.

I hope I could be of some help to you.


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