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RE: Nuclear power generation/waste disposal

Area: Environment/Ecology
Posted By: Roger Raimist, Prof. Biological Sciences
Date: Mon Sep 30 09:29:16 1996
> What I'd like to know if, how/where is it stored in the meantime?

The waste is stored in a variety of locations depending on the 
level on radioactivity. Deep underground caverns, salt mines, etc.
Some low level material is often stored on site at some locations. 
The big problem is that we create it faster than we can find places 
that will accept it. 

> What precautions are taken against injury to power plant
> workers, since unprotected exposure to a cylinder containing
> a year's waste for ten minutes has a 50% chance of causing
> death? 

Workers are monitored all the time they are on site and levels for
each worker are kept in a data bank. Workers are allowed only so 
much/year. The process is still basically the same except that the 
data is more secure and limit levels may have changed in some cases. 

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